Our vision is to promote education as a vehicle for rural development.

Mission :

Our mission is to make high-quality education accessible and affordable.


To improve the quality of education- According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), though the number of students going to school in rural India is increasing, yet more than 50% of the students in the 5th standard are not capable of reading a textbook of 2nd standard. They do not know how to solve basic mathematical problems. Hence, instead of focusing on uplifting the literacy rate, it is time that we focus on quality education. Children are required to empower with quality education and the knowledge that can be applied in their real life.

To inculcate moral values among children -Today, in the fast-changing world, it has become very essential for a child to learn the best things in life. One such thing is values that will lay the foundation for him/her to become a better human being. Instilling such values start at a very early stage. It is best to teach children values at a young age so that it becomes a part of their personality as they grow.